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10 of the Weirdest Gendered Gifts this Christmas

10 of the Weirdest Gendered Gifts this Christmas

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There’s something about Christmas and the pressure of buying a suitable present for all the significant people in your life that means people just run out of ideas and default to stereotypes — she’ll love those bath salts right? And he definitely needed another new pair of cufflinks, perfect.

We’re not into the whole sorting gifts by gender thing — we have this crazy idea that it’s more about the individual, weird right?! But most other stores will make you select ‘For her’ or ‘For him’ before you can even start to sort potential gifts.

That’s bad enough, but the things that come up are sometimes absolutely incredible. Read on for the perfect list of exactly what not to get your significant other.

For men

BBQ Toolbox

toolbox shaped BBQ

Normal BBQs just aren’t macho enough. For £40, you can really cement your masculinity with this toolbox-style BBQ.

Magnetic wristband

blue magnetic wristband with screws on

How did the man of the house do any DIY without this handy magnetic wristband?! Just in case wrist band sounded dangerously feminine, they’ve made it blue — phew!

Bear Claw Scratcher

back scratcher that looks like bear's claw

A normal back scratcher could be confused as a woman’s gift. Make sure there’s no ambiguity with this BEAR CLAW* scratcher.

Manly Multi-Tool

swiss army knife style  multi tool

Titanium coated tools and ‘smooth wooden handles’ combine to make this piece of ‘gentleman’s hardware’ the perfect gift.


Bacon Popping Candy


Chocolate and sweets are for women. To make sure your candy is suitably macho, grab a bag of bacon popping candy. So. Many. Questions.

Potty Putter

man sitting on toilet with mini putting green

Men just *love* sports so much it’s hard to tear themselves away from it. Luckily they can get a bit of putting practice in with every poo thanks to this thoughtful gift.

For women

Shag Yourself Thin

book cover for shag yourself thin

Slimmer partner and more sex — kill two birds with one stone with this book that shows the calories burnt in every position. She's bound to love it. 

Personalised Make Up brush holder

Remind Jessica or your significant other that she’s a woman of simple needs each and every morning with this personalised brush holder.

Unicorn Mood Light

light up unicorn

Those women can be so moody — get the woman in your life back on an even keel with the help of this colour changing unicorn mood light.

Funny Diet Cutlery

joke cutlery such as spoon with hole in

Oh look — it’s another weight loss related present for women! She is going to find this passive aggressive ‘you’re fat’ gift just hilarious — it’s like cutlery but much harder to eat with, so she should be your perfect woman in no time, phew!

Dust Mop Slippers

slippers with mop style bottom

Make sure she’s keeping your home spick and span with these slippers that double up as a mop. Weirdly these didn’t come up under the gifts for men section!?

Clothes Peg Reading Light

peg shaped reading light clipped on to book

Some women can even read now! Remind them that there's still washing to be done with this clothes peg reading light from the ‘Gifts for her’ section of IWOOT.

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