About Us

Who We Are

We’re a gender neutral store selling children’s books and toys. Fed up of being confronted by a sea of pink and blue when looking for presents for friends’ new babies, nieces, and nephews, we thought surely there must be some great, less stereotypical products out there and set about finding them.

What We Do
We're breaking the current trend of pink princess-ification and macho “boys’ toys”. It’s not easy: most of our time is spent looking at potential products, checking the packaging, and making sure they take a balanced approach to gender. It means we’ve read a lot of bedtime stories and sifted through many top-selling toys to find gifts that reflect the diverse world we actually live in.
What Gender Neutral Means to Us
For us, gender neutral doesn’t mean denying gender exists, it means not reducing gender to a set of stereotypes or a particular colour. It means giving little ones enough of a blank canvas to discover who they are and what they like, without a ton of social pressure to behave or look a certain way. It means, well, neutral. And no princesses!
Why It’s Important
Toys might seem unrelated to something as adult as the pay gap, but they’re how children learn. Toy vehicles build motor skills, construction sets develop spatial awareness for STEM subjects, and dolls help children learn to articulate emotion and build relationships. Play is learning, and that’s why toys are so important. Giving children a wide range of toys helps them develop a rounded set of skills, preparing them for the crazy playground that is adulthood.

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GenNeu Ltd. is listed on the UK Small Business Directory.
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